Adhyay 2018

Alumni meetings in four cities across India

Adhyay - the city chapters meet with Alumni started with the vision of establishing a liaison amongst the Alumni and the Allies of IIMU, residing in the same city. Every year we receive wonderful responses from the torch bearer of the institute.

Adhyay is a great platform to connect with visiting faculty, retired professors, and friends in the industries. With this association at the city level, Adhyay fosters the synergy benefiting our Alumni, our Allies, and the Institute.

Mumbai Adhyay, May 5th

The first chapter of Adhyay 2018 was organized in Mumbai on 5th May at Meluha The Fern – Powai. Total 29 alumni along with 6 members from the current batch attended the event. Director Prof. Janat Shah and Mr. Shabbir, Manager – Corporate Relations were also present at the event.

The event kicked off with the Building-U-Together session. The objective of the session was to capture different perspectives from alumni community on taking IIM Udaipur closer to its vision. In two hours of this session, alumni brainstormed in groups and presented views on their learning from the institute and suggestions for the betterment of IIM Udaipur going forward.

The event was followed by dinner which served as a way to have fun and go down the memory lane.

Delhi Adhyay, May 12th

The Delhi Chapter of Adhyay 2018 was held in Ardor 2.1, Connaught Place on 12th May, 2018. A total of 29 alumni attended the event. The event witnessed the presence of all the PGP batches including few PGPX students. The event was utilized as a platform for discussion about developing the institute further.

Bangalore Adhyay, May 19th

After the successful meets at Delhi and Mumbai, it was the turn of Bangalore to welcome the eager alumni. The city chapter meet of Bangalore received the maximum number of responses among all the city meets and witnessed the presence of 56 alumni in total on 19th May, 2018 at Hotel Sterling Mac. It was indeed an exciting start to a memorable experience as the alumni got the opportunity to meet their former classmates. Director Prof. Janat Shah and Prof. N Viswanathan addressed the audience and brought forth their vision for "Building U Together." The session was followed by delicious food and a celebration. It was certainly an extraordinary night to be remembered, full of fun, laughter, and nostalgia. The meet concluded with the promise of another Chapter of Adhyay next year, which will give them a chance to be a part of IIMU again.

Hyderabad Adhyay, May 20th

The Adhyay 2018 got concluded with the Hyderabad chapter, which was organized on 20th May at Carbon, The Park in Somajiguda. The Hyderabad chapter witnessed the presence of 18 alumni from the past PGP and PGPX batches of IIM Udaipur. The event was organized with the help of two placement committee members from the current batch who had their summer internships in Hyderabad.

The event kicked off with the 'Building U Together' session, similar to that of in Mumbai and Bangalore chapters. The alumni got divided into groups and shared their thoughts upon how to take IIM Udaipur further from status quo on various fronts such as academics, co-curricular, etc. It was indeed a great time for the alumni, who got nostalgic about their times at the IIM Udaipur while delivering the presentations to the attendees. It was also a wonderful opportunity for the alumni to have interacted with their seniors and juniors after a long time. On an ending note, the meet got concluded with a gala dinner and party.