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Annual Management Fest - Solaris 2018

‘Solaris’, a two-day long management extravaganza is set to touch a cherished milestone envisioned ever since the inception of IIM Udaipur. The fest has a myriad of events - keynote addresses to stimulating panel discussions, case-study competitions to workshops. Conceptualized and managed entirely by the students, Solaris is designed to create a platform where the country's most brilliant minds gather at Udaipur and share their knowledge and experiences with the students.

Firms are usually resilient to change for the better or worse at times. Stellar leaders have often stood out against the odds and brought transformation through their sheer determination. These are the luminaries who venture into the unknown, galvanize organizations for the long haul and steer businesses out of trouble in today's dynamic environment. At the end of the day what matters is that whether you can adapt to the ever-changing environment or not and stay relevant in the 21st century. In line with this philosophy, the theme for Solaris'18 is "Resilience and Adaptability".



The Leadership Summit is a highly prestigious platform graced by stellar personalities who have led corporate empires by example, turned tides and transformed lives as business luminaries. They are thought provoking leaders who have been instrumental in the upsetting age old industry practices or have ventured into unchartered waters with their uncanny eye for identifying new business opportunities. Having been at the helm of affairs of an organization, they have been instrumental in bringing about a revolution. They share their unique, unprecedented and often unconventional ways through which they have inspired their organization to success.

Arth Samvaad

Arth Samvaad - The Finance Symposium - is one of the most renowned annual events amongst the IIM Udaipur fraternity. Since its inception, it has been providing a platform to the future financial managers to learn and interact with industry stalwarts and discuss changing trends in the financial world, and the micro and macro-economic factors that affect financial decision-making. Through the medium of a panel discussion and Face-Off, Arth-Samvaad aims to unleash the major financial issues that have caught the attention of people worldwide that have been affecting the global markets regularly.


Samvaah is the Annual Marketing Conclave organized by MarClan - The Marketing Club of IIM Udaipur, and forms an intrinsic part of Solaris. Samvaah, which translates to “Marketplace”, is an initiative aimed at quenching the thirst of marketing enthusiasts from different B-Schools in the country. The summit is a highly prestigious platform graced by marketers who have been instrumental in upsetting the age old marketing practices or have an uncanny eye for identifying new marketing avenues. Last year the Summit was graced by the presence of stalwarts such as Mr. Shubhranshu Singh (Executive Vice-President & Head Marketing – Sports at Star India), Ms. Manmeet Vohra (Director – Marketing & Category, Starbucks), Mr. Vikas Mehta (President, Group Marketing Services, Mullen Lowe Lintas Group), Ms. Suparna Mitra (Chief Marketing Officer – Watches and Accessories, Titan Company Limited) etc. who enlightened the community with the practical aspects of marketing. This year's edition is expected to raise the experience to an even higher level.


Antardrishti, the Business Conclave organized by PiE - The Economics Club of IIM Udaipur, provides a platform to discuss contemporary macroeconomic factors affecting India, and their interplay with global economic and financial circumstances. Antardrishti aims at promoting synthesis of ideas and insightful exchanges between industry and academia through these discussions. The global economic landscape, socio-political developments, and regulatory changes, all play a part in the way businesses are run across the world, forcing leaders to rethink and innovate. The summit involves thought-provoking insights, panel discussions and open house sessions from eminent names in the industry.


UNMESH - The Operations Summit at Solaris - is a collaboration between SKEIN - The Operations and Supply Chain Club of IIM Udaipur, and ConsultU - The Consulting Club of IIM Udaipur. The summit, being organized for the second time as a part of Solaris, aims at enlightening the students on the changing trends in the operations domain. Unmesh brings industry stalwarts and renowned speakers to a common stage to share their valuable knowledge, experience, and insights on the mitigation and contingency strategies for managing the radical changes in the industry.


‘Anveshan’, which translates to ‘Exploration’, is the Annual Analytics Summit by Technalytics – The IT and Analytics Club of IIM Udaipur, which focuses on the exploration of IT and Analytics trends in the global market. The summit provides an excellent opportunity to interact with the top leaders from the industry who share their valuable insights and achievements from the analytics world as well as enlighten the students on the potential of data leveraged by the industries. The summit aims to create, ideate, build, and simulate the sense of data in the business world through series of lectures and Q&A sessions.