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Audacity, the annual cultural festival of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, is a 2-day long performing arts event, carrying with it the enticing carnival of Rajasthan. Not only does it serve as a launchpad for budding talents across diverse domains, but the festival also brings talented artists to the City of Lakes. The theme for ‘Audacity ‘21’ was “Carnival of Aravallis”.


The pre-event named ‘Pragyanjali’, was organised to reveal the education-promoting donation drive of the aforementioned name while also serving as a launchpad for ‘Audacity ‘21’. The event also witnessed spellbinding performances from “Octaves”, the music club of IIM Udaipur.


Audacity, the annual cultural festival of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, held a multitude of 50+ fun-filled and mind-boggling events in either online or offline mode. Team collaborated with multiple clubs & committees of IIMU to conduct these events.

A close look at some of the events:

U’ Graffiti - U' Graffiti was a fun event organized by CreArt Team in the offline mode wherein they prepared a canvas with the outline of U and the participants were required to paint, sketch or doodle inside the boundary. This brought to light the insidious amazing art talent of Balichans very successfully.

Plant it up - A plantation drive to let balichans showcase their love for the environment by adopting a plant was organized in collaboration with team Prayatna. They set up a stall where people could adopt a plant for a nominal price.

Audacity Vibe - In this thrilling event organized by team IRIS, the participants were supposed to click pictures of letters A-U-D-A-C-I-T-Y that are naturally present. And six sets of those pictures were selected and posted on IRIS Instagram page and the one with the maximum likes & comments were announced as winners.

Mr. & Ms Audacity - The event was like a talent and personality hunt wherein there were multiple rounds. The participants had to bring forward their hidden talents and project their personality to the audience.

Catch me if you can - A treasure hunt organized by team Potpourri where clues were hidden around the campus and participants were supposed to solve the riddles and find the clues in the shortest possible time.

Body Zorbing - Body Zorbing was a fun-fight game organized by BAT wherein players were strapped over the torso with an inflatable human-size zorb ball. The two players were supposed to get into the balls and fight with each other.

Golgappa eating challenge - CodeRED organized an enthralling golgappa eating challenge for all the food connoisseurs in IIMU. Participants needed to participate in the competition and just eat as many golgappas as they could. The catch was that the level of spice increased after every three golgappas.


Audacity is a celebration of Udaipur and Rajasthan's culture and believes in supporting growth in the region through community service. Audacity took various social initiatives to better the society. Pragyanjali was one such initiative aimed at sponsoring the education of the under-resourced children in the community. Besides Pragyanjali, a mental health awareness drive was also held that catered to students' mental issues.

Rajasthan has the third highest percentage of out of school students in the age group of 6-13 years in the country, with a recorded 6.01 lakh out of school students from a total of 1.19 crore students in this age. Dropping out of school for labour leads to further poverty, and the cycle goes on. Sponsoring a child’s education, even if only for a short time, develops a cycle of positivity wherein the child can not only potentially thrive, but also help further support the future generations in their community to gain education. Hence Audacity came up with Pragyanjali, an initiative to sponsor the education of children from under-resourced backgrounds in Rajasthan. Pragyanjali aims at providing the annual school fees to children, helping them overcome the first (and major) hurdle that stops them from gaining education.

CSR initiatives

In line with Pragyanjali, Audacity further worked towards supporting the community with initiatives directed not just towards the provision of basic amenities but also in raising awareness on the importance of mental health. Following are the initiatives that were implemented:

Udaipur Talkies - Through this initiative, Team Audacity intended to give the children of construction personnel working in IIMU a theatre experience in the safety of the campus. The children were shown an animated movie in the classroom, with the provision of colouring books for their mid-movie entertainment.

Seminar on Mental Wellness Awareness - An interactive session was held on March 4, 2021 to address the mental health trauma faced by the students. Prof. Prakash Satyavageeswaran conducted the online session wherein he informed the attendees about why one shouldn’t neglect their mental health in search of perfection, while also touching upon the techniques one could apply to help relieve their stress.

#IHaveTheAudacity - The first phase was carried out to provide the people from the IIMU community a free space to express, wherein they spoke about how they had the mental strength to overcome personal and/or professional hurdles. In the second phase, panel discussions were held, with social media influencers sharing their own experiences on how they dealt with issues pertaining to self-doubt & validation in their field.

Artists & Influencers collaboration

Last year, Audacity hosted some of the finest performers the Indian Music industry offers. Headlining the Bollywood segment was Benny Dayal, the hit sensation behind "Badtameez Dil", "Aadat Se Majboor", amongst various other chartbusters & a multi-lingual singer in different languages. Mame Khan, the talented playback & folk singer from Rajasthan and famed voice behind the song "Chaudhary", headlined the folk music segment. DJ/producer duo Prayag Mehta & Rishab Joshi, better known as Lost Stories, famous for their uniquely blended Indian folk sounds with electronic music, headlined the electronic music segment.

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