IIM Udaipur hosted the valedictory ceremony for the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship program 2021-23

IIM Udaipur hosted the valedictory ceremony for the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship program 2021-23

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur hosted the valedictory ceremony on 30th October 2023 (Monday) where it conferred certificates in Public Policy and Management to 49 Mahatma Gandhi National Fellows from Rajasthan and Telangana. MGNF program is a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), GOI and IIMs.

The MGNF program, designed in conjunction with IIMs, saw these fellows actively engaged in over 650 districts across India, partnering with district administrations to enhance the local skilling ecosystem through a blend of their academic modules and district immersions.

Since October 2021, these fellows worked closely with district administration, focusing on activating the District Skill Committee, generating employment opportunities, and addressing district-specific challenges. Their efforts included preparing district skill development plans, offering invaluable suggestions for program enhancement, fostering entrepreneurship, collaborating with Rural Livelihood Missions, Civil Societies, and NGOs.

Their work has involved conducting comprehensive skill gap analyses, youth aspiration surveys, and crafting long-term economic growth plans tailored to each district. These individual endeavors aim to construct a national-level repository of data crucial for research-oriented policy formulation driven by data.

The recent commendation by the Honorable President of India lauded the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship program for significantly enhancing India's skilling ecosystem, recognizing the importance of skill development in a youthful nation like India.

This program has successfully produced highly capable and dynamic Public Policy professionals from IIM Udaipur. These individuals are now equipped to enrich the development sector with the knowledge and skills gained from both IIM Udaipur and hands-on experience with district administrations.