IIMU Incubation Center one Day Workshop

IIMU Incubation Center one Day Workshop

February 16th, 2017

IIM Udaipur’s new Incubation Center is organizing a one day workshop

to help you take the first steps on your entrepreneurial journey

Want to become an entrepreneur? Join our Pre-incubation Workshop and get started today!
Do you have a lot of business ideas spinning around in your head but you’re not sure which is the winning one?
Do you find yourself being pulled in a million different directions without concentrating on just one idea?
Do you want to give a chance to the entrepreneurial streak inside you but are feeling unsure of what your first step should be?
If any of this sounds familiar to you then this Pre-incubation Workshop is just what you need.

What we do
The Pre-incubation Workshop is meant for entrepreneurs who are full of ideas and the motivation to make them happen in the future – but are not fully ready yet.
The workshop will take you through a series of hands-on brainstorming exercises to clarify the different directions that your ideas can take.
We’ll then help you narrow your ideas down to the one that is the best fit for you and has the most potential.

What you get
  • A clearer understanding of the best direction to focus on
  • Become acquainted with some of the crucial concepts that will be an integral part of your entrepreneurial journey
  • Interact and collaborate with a diverse group of fellow change-makers
This is not a passive workshop so come ready to reflect, discuss, engage and get your hands dirty!

Open to all
Whether you are an individual or part of a group, from Udaipur or from farther afield – the Pre-incubation Workshop is open to everyone.