IIMU's 2021 highlights

2021 has been quite an exceptional and special year than any in recent memory for the IIMU Community. While we celebrate the decade of our establishment, IIMU has been distinctive with the accomplishments achieved over the year. Before we get ready to welcome 2022, we would like to share the journey of our continued efforts and collective achievements of the past year.

International Rankings

International Rankings IIMU continues its legacy of excellence by breaking new grounds in the management education domain in the country by elaborating on the institute’s performance. For the third consecutive year, IIMU has been listed in the QS 2022 Masters in Management (MIM) Rankings as well as the Financial Times (FT) MIM Ranking 2021. Read More

Ten-year Anniversary Celebrations

Keeping in mind its innovative approach, achievements, and global vision for the next decade, IIM Udaipur marked its tenth anniversary by organizing a global webinar event titled, “D’Future” pioneering on the digital front. Watch here

Online Convocation

As a response to COVID-19, IIMU organized its 8th and 9th Annual Convocation online for the first time in history. With the presence of eminent industrialists and chairman sir as chief guests, students were conferred the degrees of Two-year and One-year MBA courses virtually. Read More

Unnati 2021

With COVID-19 prevailing for the second consecutive year, IIMU organized the second edition of the engagement and learning program "UNNATI 2021" exclusively for the batch of 2021-23. It was a 3-week student engagement initiative that upheld the objective of 'Defying the Challenging Times.' It was developed to make the students understand how the business world is learning to adapt and advance in challenging circumstances including the present-day pandemic. Read More


Since the beginning, one of the objectives of the Institute has been to establish itself as a leader in management research in India. While on the research front, IIMU faculty accoladed papers in rocognised journals of FT and UT Dallas over the year.

Center for Healthcare
Center for Healthcare

IIMU launched the Centre for Healthcare (CFH) to fill the paucity of rigorous healthcare research in India on Indian context from a management perspective. The objective is to bring together academicians from management, public health, health economics, practitioners, and research active medical professionals to understand and solve fundamental issues in healthcare in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). Read more

FinTech - Center of Excellence
Center for Excellence

IIMU also launched Fintech - Center of Excellence this year. Being one of its kind, FinTech is a digital center driven by Fintech academia and stakeholders for empowering the development of financial frameworks and technical understanding of the path-breaking industry vertical. Read more

Campus Visits

IIM Udaipur was delighted to host Ms. Catherine Fischer, Public Diplomacy Officer for the North India Office of the U.S. Embassy India. The emphasis of the meet was on exploring opportunities for collaboration with the incubation center at IIMU and Nexus Incubator start-up hub at the American Centre New Delhi.

IIMU also hosted the visit of Maldivian Youth Delegates as a part of the International Youth Exchange Programme between India and Maldives. The objective of this program is to promote the exchange of ideas, values, and culture amongst the youth of the partnering countries and also to develop international understanding among the youth.

IIM Udaipur was also thrilled to host the first ice-breaker session by the Samman Internal Committee. The session was customized for the non-teaching employees of the IIMU. The event was facilitated by Prof Rajeshwari Narendran, an External Member of Samman Internal Committee.

Campus Activities

IIMU witnessed the series of events all year round. From inaugurating the coming batches of two-year and one-year MBA courses to continuing with the next editions of annual management fests, IIMU saw it all. The institute also hosted the book launch ceremonies from the faculties of IIMU. This year the institute also associated itself with the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship program.

IIMU Alumni Community

Alumni are a pillar of strength for any institute. In 2021, IIMU’s alumni wholeheartedly supported us in multiple activities including interacting with prospective students, mentoring current students and taking the lead in U-Forum webinar series to take the extensive knowledge of IIM Udaipur’s faculty to a broader audience. For the first time in two years, A4, IIMU’s Alumni Association, organized chapter meets known as 'Adhyay’ in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai to connect with peers working in the same city.

Also, the alumni of batches 2012-14 and 2013-15, Mr. Jaspal Singh, Mr. Nischal Naidu Kandula and Ms. Richa Sharma pioneered their entrepreneurial venture. The achievements and success of the alumni of IIM Udaipur is a cause of immense pride for the institute and the community.

IIMU Connections

With the new appointments of faculty members and staff, IIMU expanded its horizons to continue to be on the path of excellence.

Fun and Frolic

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur celebrated the cultural diversity on campus by celebrating various cultural festivals and events throughout the year.