Netratva - Aarti Kelshikar, Intercultural Coach & Author

IIM Udaipur had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Aarti Kelshikar, Intercultural coach and the author of 'How India Works: Making Sense of a Complex Corporate Culture', who shared her insights on the topic 'Indian Managers in a Global World', in the latest series of e- Netratva, The Leadership Talk Series.

The session began with her discussing how Indians are perceived and mentioned some of the strengths of Indians, such as intelligence and motivation, flexibility, and efficiency in dealing with complexity and unpredictability.

She further elaborated on how Indians are different from the rest of the world and emphasized that Indians can deal with ambiguity very well. She also added that Indians are rational, emotional, and always come up with creative solutions.

The session ended with a QnA round with the students. They discussed the pros and cons of Indian upbringing with the rest of the world and how cognitive trust leads to affective trust.

Efforts Matter but so do outcomes.

Ms. Aarti Kelshikar, Intercultural Coach & Author