Netratva – Advaiya Solutions Inc.

Mr. Manish Godha, CEO and Founder, Advaiya, shared his valuable insights on 'Business model decomposition for digital initiatives'.

Netratva – Advaiya Solutions Inc.

The session began with his views on various start-ups and their incomplete ways of looking at the business opportunity.

He further talked about what made the digital transformation possible, namely: Technology democratization, growth of cloud, and hyper-connectivity. He additionally mentioned how accessible technology had become, which could facilitate everyone's learning around the world.

The session ended with a QnA round with the students. They discussed digital transformation and its feasibility in India, organizational elements of business, and its business units and interactions.

Technology is all about doing the same thing but better

Mr. Manish Godha, CEO and Founder
Advaiya Solutions Inc.