Netratva – Anand and Anand

On January 15th, IIM Udaipur had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Rajiv Maheshwari, CEO, Anand & Anand, for a session of e-Netratva, The Leadership Talk Series on the topic 'When I was in your shoes'.

Netratva – Anand and Anand

The session began with Mr. Maheshwari talking about his own MBA experience and how the technology used by us has evolved over time. He then went on to talk about the disruption these new technologies have caused around the world. He also shared his education experience with the audience and provided tips to the students on how they should face the obstacles that life throws at them.

Post which, he shared his key learnings that he gained while doing an MBA and how these learnings are still helping him. Mr. Maheshwari also talked about technological innovations and the distractions that they cause.

The session ended with a Q&A round where Mr. Maheshwari provided students with insights regarding how they should deal with failure and how to manage their time effectively. He concluded the session by emphasizing the need for networking and the importance of learning something new

We all have been living our lives according to our self-code and either consciously or subconsciously we have cracked the code.

Mr. Rajiv Maheshwari, CEO
Anand and Anand