Netratva – Bajaj Allianz

IIM Udaipur had the privilege to host Mr. Amit Joshi, CIO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, for the latest session under e-Netratva, The Leadership Talk Series, on Indian Financial Markets with a focus on Equity & Fixed Income Markets.

Netratva – Bajaj Allianz

The session began with him talking about the global and Indian economy and how it was hit by the recent stringent lockdown. He discussed the V shaped recovery we've seen recently, regarding which many economists had a pessimistic outlook.

He further went on to discuss the various key indicators and how in reality they have differed from the expectation that was set during the lockdown. Mr. Joshi also mentioned the Union Budget 2021, and the ways it will positively impact the economy.

He went on to discuss the Equity Markets and the various key indicators which indicate the way global market valuations are elevated. Further, he provided his insights on the Fixed Market Economy. The session closed with a QnA session with the students.

Next 12 months are crucial for the corporate bond markets, and we need to be extremely cautious

Mr. Amit Joshi, Chief Investment Officer
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance