Netratva - Cognizant

On February 2, 2019, Mr. Alok Jha, Delivery Lead and Consultant (Insurance and Healthcare), Cognizant interacted with the students as a part of ‘Netratva - The Leadership talk series’ on 28th January 2018. Mr. Jha shared his experiences of overcoming setbacks through determination and will power.

Netratva - Cognizant

He encouraged the students to be resilient in their lives. He also introduced the concept of work-life integration to the students and advised them to take time out for themselves and their families irrespective of the workload. He urged the students to be disruptors and encouraged them to come up with creative ways of being change agents.

Your first conscious activity in the morning shows your priority in life.

Mr. Alok Jha, Delivery Lead & Consultant (Insurance & Healthcare)