Netratva – Dabur India Limited

IIM Udaipur had the privilege of hosting Mr. Harkawal Singh, Head Marketing, Oral Care, Dabur India Limited, who shared his insights on 'Changes in Consumer Behavior post-COVID and the Response to the Challenges Presented by the COVID Pandemic'.

Netratva – Dabur India Limited

The session began with him discussing the various changes in consumer behavior brought in by the pandemic. The first change is the shift of focus towards health, immunity, and hygiene. The second one being the increase in usage of E-Commerce as compared to offline stores. The third change mentioned is the popular trend of 'Do It Yourself' that is being adopted by Indian consumers.

He further went on to discuss the challenges presented by the pandemic, such as lower disposable income due to layoffs, high demand for bulk buying, and absence of physical touch while buying items.

The session ended with a QnA round with the students where topics such as advantages and disadvantages of having an established brand, changes in consumer mindset during the lockdown, and the influence of Gen Z in buying decisions were discussed.

Focus on health and hygiene is one of the biggest changes that COVID has brought in

Mr. Harkawal Singh, Head Marketing,
Oral Care, Dabur India Limited