Netratva - Harshit Desai, Evangelist & Design Entrepreneur

Mr. Harshit Desai gave his views on the topic 'AI-ML & Future of CX'.

Netratva - Harshit Desai, Evangelist & Design Entrepreneur

Mr. Desai began the session by engaging the audience with a small quiz regarding their interests and the technologies they are most enthusiastic about learning. He further discussed the importance of design and design thinking and how it is being utilized in business today. He talked about the five aspects of design thinking and how each element is intertwined with the other.

Mr. Desai explained how AI & ML is shifting the industries worldwide using examples of well-known brands such as JIO, Amazon, Apple, and many more. He further gave his view on the new trend of AI & ML and how more of the advancement is being done towards the technical side rather than the logical aspect. He also talked about how a lot of businesses are using AI & ML to advance further by integrating them with consulting, strategy, and marketing. Towards the end, he spoke about the challenges that AI & ML would face going forward, such as increasing accuracy and efficiency and the increasing role and future of customer experience in any business.

Finally, there was a QnA session with the students where Mr. Desai clarified students' doubts regarding the use of AI & ML in increasing customer experience for different types of projects.

AI and ML are the new drivers of superlative CX.

Mr. Harshit Desai, Evangelist & Design Entrepreneur