Netratva – IHS Markit

IIM Udaipur had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Puneet Jain, Managing Director, IHS Markit for the latest session under the e-Netratva series on Big Data, AI and ML applications. The interaction began with a discussion about the audience's perception and understanding of big data and how its meaning has evolved over the years.

Netratva – IHS Markit

Mr. Puneet explained about the 4Vs of big data and answered questions about data duplicacy and the carbon footprint that increasing data is causing. He shared his insights on how IHS Markit is using big data technology to serve its clients. He further explained the usage of this in real-life scenarios while giving examples relating to maritime solutions and car purchases.

The session concluded with a Q&A round about the importance of privacy in big data and the impact of big data in the current COVID scenario.

Data is just there to help and enable you to make smarter choices

Mr. Puneent Jain, Managing Director
IHS Markit