Netratva – Informatica and Standard Chartered

IIM Udaipur was honored to have had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Aditya Pal Singh, Talent Acquisition Head, Informatica, and Mr. Paramveer Singh Narang, Vice President, Standard Chartered, as part of E-Netratva - the Leadership Webinar series on 24th July.

Netratva – Informatica and Standard Chartered

Mr. Aditya spoke to the attendees about 'Workforce of the Future' by laying out the importance of analytics and explaining how the future of corporates is bound to be data driven. Acknowledging the ever changing customer demands, he stressed upon the idea of figuring innovative ways to cater to those demands.

Mr. Paramveer engaged the participants in a lively discussion about 'Industry 4.0', wherein he shared his views on how flexibility and adaptability are essential for the changing times. He also enlightened the participants on how the use of technology can itself be viewed as a soft skill.

The session ended with a panel discussion, wherein they conversed about topics such as 'Distractions at the Workplace', 'Data Regulations' and the emerging importance of Digital Enterprise Management.