Netratva – Mercer Consulting

IIM Udaipur had the privilege of hosting Mr. Vineet Bhuwania, Sr. Project Manager-Talent Consulting, Mercer Consulting for a session on Road to Reinvention.

Netratva – Mercer Consulting

Mr Vineet opened the talk with the overview of Marsh & Mclennan Companies and had an in-depth discussion about Mercer. The focus of his address was on the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations due to COVID-19. The speaker went on to discuss the 3R's framework implemented by Mercer in this pandemic, which broadly covers Responding, Returning, and Reinventing businesses.

In the end, the speaker discussed the role of HR practices in organisational sustainability and solutions implemented across organisations. The session ended with a Q&A round with the students.

Road to Reinvention

Mr. Vineet Bhuvania, Sr. Project Manager - Talent Consulting, Mercer Consulting