Netratva – MoEngage Inc.

The IIMU community was delighted to host Mr. Jitender Panihar, Head - People & Culture, MoEngage Inc as part of Netratva - The Leadership Talk Series of IIM Udaipur.

Netratva – MoEngage Inc.

Mr. Panihar conducted a very interactive session with the audience, engaging with them in thought provoking dialogue about the changing dynamics between employees in the industry.

Focusing on the emergent millennial generation, he discussed with students about the evolving expectations of the new generation of employees and the way to manage them. He drew parallels to explain the similarities and differences in the way that people of different generations work in an organization, and gave deep insights about how the varying stakes of the work define the way of working. The session was followed by a short interaction with Mr. Panihar, wherein students were able to gain further understanding of the real life cultural issues in a company and how to go about solving them.

Leadership is not about having all the answers, it's about managing ambiguities and uncertainties.

Mr. Jitender Panihar, Head- People and Culture
MoEngage Inc.