Netratva - Mr. Santosh Sreedhar, Partner, Avalon Consulting

IIM Udaipur was delighted to host Mr. Santosh Sreedhar, Partner, Avalon Consulting, for the latest session of Netratva - The Leadership Talk Series, held on 5th October 2023. His engaging talk revolved around ‘Delivering Great Customer Experience: Why It Should Be Everybody’s Business’.

Netratva - Mr. Santosh Sreedhar, Partner, Avalon Consulting

Mr. Sreedhar began the session by defining Customer Experience as the sum total of all customer interactions with a brand. He discussed strategies for achieving excellence in customer experience by enhancing customer journeys via technology and process improvements.

He discussed the significance of using different metrics to measure customer experience accurately. He also stressed that every department within an organization bears responsibility for customer experience.

Concluding the session, the speaker emphasized to the students that irrespective of their chosen industry or function, each of them will hold a vital role in shaping customer experience and can make a meaningful impact.

Delivering excellence in customer experience comes through excellence in customer journey enabled by process, people and technology.

Mr. Santosh Sreedhar
Partner, Avalon Consulting