Netratva - Naaz Joshi, Miss World Diversity

On September 8, 2019, IIM Udaipur was delighted to host Ms. Naaz Joshi, transgender model and the winner of the Ms. World Diversity title, three years in a row. Ms. Joshi spent a day on the campus, interacting with students, faculty members, and journalists. Addressing the IIMU community in an engaging session, she educated the attendees on what being a member of the LGBTQI community entails and the challenges they have to face daily.

She shared her inspirational journey, which left everyone in admiration of her grit and determination to overcome the tribulations of her formative years and come out on top. Ms. Joshi spoke about her struggles, about how she had to work at a mere age of 7, facing indecent behavior from members of the society, and getting out into the world all alone at the age of eleven. She went on to get into NIFT, Delhi, and graduated with flying colors. Ms. Joshi threw some light on the initiatives the government has taken for the betterment of the lives of Trans people and also spoke about the initiatives that she began and how they are impacting the world.

Finally, she left the students with some food for thought about what they could do to contribute their bit to the Trans community. It was indeed an enlightening experience for everyone at IIMU.

It is not about who you are, it is about who you become.

Miss. Naaz Joshi
Miss World Diversity : 2017, 2018 & 2019