Netratva – Noble House Consulting Pte.

IIM Udaipur proudly hosted Mr. Sanjay Lakhotia, Co-Founder and CEO of Noble House Consulting Pte, who gave his views on the digital readiness of today's organization.

Netratva – Noble House Consulting Pte.

Mr. Lakhotia emphasized on the importance of planning and implementation of new technologies seamlessly so that there is no digital scaling hurdle. The most crucial part is that each department needs to collaborate and work with each other for any business to succeed.

He gave an example of the retail industry where digital technology implementation across departments such as logistics, warehouses, purchase, and others made the whole process from procurement to sale more effortless and efficient. Post which, he talked about the challenges faced to overcome the resistance that new technologies face whenever implemented. He also spoke about the unique challenge of planning and execution that organizations are facing in this new COVID environment.

Towards the end, there was an interactive QnA session discussing the trade-offs that the small and medium scale businesses faces while going digital and also the plan that organizations may follow while going digital.

Convincing people to overcome the resistance to change is one of the biggest challenges.

Mr. Sanjay Lakhotia, Co-founder and CEO
Noble House Consulting Pte.