Netratva – OnePlus

On the 15th of March, Sunday, members of the IIMU community had the opportunity to host Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh, National Head - Modern Trade and General Trade for OnePlus as a part of Netratva - The Leadership Talk Series of IIM Udaipur.

Netratva – OnePlus

Mr. Deshmukh began the interactive session by diving into a comprehensive description of the distribution channels and tiers adopted in the industry. Focusing on the changing expectations of the emergent young consumer base, he explained how the smartphone and devices industry is now channeling their efforts to create a rich experience for the customers rather than just a goods offering. Mr. Deshmukh addressed the queries of the present audience and the session ended with him giving the members a glimpse into the probable future of the industr

With products becoming increasingly similar, service offerings have now become differentiating factor for brands.

Mr. Siddarth Deshmukh, National Head
Modern Trade and General Trade OnePlus