Netratva – Raj Shamani, Entrepreneur

On 29 January 2020, IIM Udaipur was delighted to host Mr. Raj Shamani, Founder, Investor, and International Speaker, for an interactive session of Netratva - The Leadership Talk Series.

Netratva – Raj Shamani, Entrepreneur

Mr. Shamani is a 23-year-old dynamic and passionate entrepreneur whose love for speaking has gained him a number of national and international accolades. He spoke to the IIMU community about his experience on the journey from a budding entrepreneur to an angel investor, and discussed with them the importance of effective communication. Highly emphasizing on how networking and building connections is a key skill to have, he shared his thoughts on personal branding and building an audience to expand the horizons of any business.

Become good at what you love. So good, that nobody does it better than you.

Mr. Raj Shamani, Entrepreneur