Netratva - Reliance Industries Ltd.

On October 20, 2019, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, was delighted to host Mr. SumitNeogi, VP - Human Resources, Reliance Industries Limited under the ambit of 'Netratva- The Leadership Talk Series.'

Netratva - Reliance Industries Ltd.

He talked about his journey, his diverse work experience, and his learnings along the way. The session saw enthusiastic participation on the part of the students with a fruitful conversation on a wide variety of topics such as the impact of AI on the HR domain, significance of continuous learning, the feasibility of outsourcing in HR operations, with Mr. Neogi explaining how credibility is the biggest challenge that HRs face in today's world.

Mr. Neogi, Reliance Industries Ltd

Our success is what we talk about, but it is our failures which have resulted in them. Both are equally important.

Mr. Sumit Neogi, VP HR
Reliance Industries Ltd.