Netratva – SBM Bank Ltd

On 24th August 2020, IIM Udaipur had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Siddarth Rath, MD & CEO, SBM Bank India Ltd as the speaker for a session of e-Netratva, the Leadership Webinar Series.

Mr. Rath engaged with the attendees in an interesting dialogue, walking them through the journey of the transformations wrought in the Banking Sector over the years all around the world. Sharing his experiences, Mr. Rath mentioned how being technologically ready, and having an open architecture online platform, inspired by the online marketplace model, has helped SBM Bank in building a foothold in India. He spoke about how the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the operations of the Banking Sector companies, and how each organization is dealing with the changing needs and perceptions of their customers. The session ended with a Q&A round, in which he answered multiple queries posed by the audience.