Netratva – Secure Meters

Mr. Sanjay S Shrivastava gave his views on the topic 'Restart – Sailing through the crisis', using the steps taken by Secure Meters during the pandemic. The session began with the speaker interacting with students about their views regarding the pandemic and lockdown.

Netratva – Secure Meters

Mr. Sanjay then explained the need for continuous adaptation and experimentation to overcome the different obstacles that an organization or individual faces. He also emphasized the importance of goal setting and thorough planning to overcome the various challenges.

During this challenging time, Secure Meters's focus has been on employee safety and customer satisfaction, neither of which was compromised. He went on to discuss the challenges faced in the manufacturing sector by organizations like themselves. The firm made sure that all the employees followed the COVID guidelines strictly, and Work From Home became a significant factor in achieving their goals of returning to normal.

Further, Mr. Sanjay talked about how Secure Meters not only adapted but overcame the pandemic. There was a QnA session with the students, discussing the possibility of a second wave and the steps that the organizations are currently taking to prevent any further disruption.

During the pandemic, the focus should be on employee safety. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

Mr. Sanjay Shrivastava, HRBP Global Operations
Secure Meters