Netratva – Soumik Bhusan, Consultant, Execution Specialist and Learning Enthusiast

IIM Udaipur hosted Mr. Soumik Bhusan, Consultant, Execution Specialist, and Learning enthusiast. The session started with a discussion around the Indian banking industry and continued into liquidity and solvency.

Mr. Soumik dived into the topic's intricacies in which he talked about system-wide liquidity risk, reasons leading to it, and the role of RBI in managing risks. Further, he discussed solvency, differences between liquidity and solvency, solvency issues, its measurement and monitoring. The talk also involved understanding the fundamentals of banking, its applications in real-time and decoding the financials of a bank.

The session ended with a QnA round with the students talking about liquidity and solvency profiles, government involvement, and the effect of COVID on the rising NPAs.

Liquidity and Solvency The Two Dimensions in Banking

Mr. Soumik Bhusan, Consultant
Execution Specialist and Learning Enthusiast