Netratva – V Guard

IIM Udaipur had the pleasure of hosting Mr. P T George, Vice President HR and Admin, V Guard, who shared his views on the 'Role of HR in Change Management', in the latest series of e- Netratva, The Leadership Talk Series.

Netratva – V Guard

Mr. George began the session by comparing how India effectively managed the recession of 2008 and the current pandemic in comparison with other nations. He emphasized the role of technology in helping businesses survive through tough times.

Mr. George talked about the changing trends in the way businesses are operating and how their priorities are changing over time. He further discussed how V-Guard's HR department has digitized itself and has optimized all of its processes from recruitment to onboarding of its new employees while following the COVID guidelines.

Towards the end, the speaker engaged in a Q&A session with the students where he gave insights on the HR department's role and how it helps drive any change across the organization.

Role of an HR is to support the employees who are the backbone of any organization

Mr. P T George, Vice President HR & Admin
V Guard