Netratva – Vmware

IIM Udaipur had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Jagjit Singh Arora, Senior Director - Southeast Asia & Korea, VMware. He shared his experiences in an interactive session focussing on the importance of a rotating job profile, an absence of which might curb one's growth. He mentioned that hard work and perseverance, when applied wisely and sincerely, can easily beat talent. He also talked about how we are all a brand in ourselves, and that we should tirelessly work towards establishing it.

Netratva – Vmware

One of the highlights of the session was the comparison drawn between the careers of several Indian cricketers, inferring that even if one doesn't get the right career choice in the beginning, patience can sow the seeds for many new opportunities. Mr. Arora put forward his views on why coordination and collaboration are salient to success in the corporate world and emphasized the importance of channelizing energy.

In conclusion, he left the students with some wise words and advised them to be humble, express gratitude, help others, and never prioritize comfort.

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Mr. Jagjit Singh Arora, Sr Director - South East Asia & Korea