Jobs at IIMU


Jobs at IIMU

Applications are invited for the Research Assistant- Economics area at IIM Udaipur

Prof Rezina Sultana and Prof Ranojoy Basu at IIMU are looking for an RA to assist with research in Economics.


Highly motivated candidates with a Ph.D./M.Phil or MA/MSc degree in Economics or equivalent from any of the top-tier colleges in the country/ abroad with an understanding of research in Economics. Candidates must have –

  • An MA/MSc in Economics. M.Phil./Ph.D. preferred
  • An open mind to learning new concepts, creativity, and hard work
  • Good English writing skills
    • The candidate must have high standards in terms of quality of work, and absolute commitment to task completion.

Working knowledge in Mathematica and Latex. Ideally we are looking for a candidate with programming skills in Mathematica.


The position is contractual for 12 months and can be renewed for a further period of 12 months, subject to satisfactory work.


Interested candidates can apply online. The position will remain open and will accept applications till a suitable candidate is found.

  • Please upload the latest CV.

Please also upload a statement of purpose not exceeding 1 page in length (single-spaced) on your motivation for taking up the RA position.

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