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Unintended spillovers of targeted health insurance programs on intra- household resource allocations

Prof. Anaka Aiyar would present a research seminar on January 7th from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Anaka is a Post Doctoral Associate at the Tata Cornell Institute (TCI) in Cornell University. She has a PhD in Economics from University of California, Riverside. Her research interest encompasses evaluating policies and identifying mechanisms that can improve health of economically underprivileged people who live in developing countries. In her research, she integrates theories from health economics to explore the direct and indirect impact of introducing health insurance on the household decision making process. Anaka's research has been published in journals such as Economics Letters. At TCI, Anaka's research projects explore mechanisms that explain why states in India have had disparate experiences in achieving nutrition security over the last few decades. Her work on this topic will be published as a co-authored book entitled 'Food systems for a rising India' by Palgrave publishers in 2019.