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Senior Data Analysts (1)


Senior Data Analysts (1)

The Senior Data Analyst will execute primary research projects, with a focus on consumer survey-based research, to identify insights that power distinctive pieces of thought leadership to help PRICE shape the dialogue on topics we study and solve the issues related to consumer economy and consumer environment to business strategists and policy makers.

As part of the PRICE Research team, the Senior Data Analysts will be responsible for analyzing primary data, identifying business-relevant insights, and creating a compelling story and supporting material tailored to external or executive audiences. This person will have expertise in primary research methodology and best practices, with a strong focus on survey-based research. Areas of expertise should include basic and advanced techniques in survey analysis (such as sample weighting, segmentation, and regression), experience with appropriate analytics tools and software, interpretation of data and distillation of insights, survey data visualization best practices, and storytelling with data. Experience with quantitative and qualitative secondary research and in consumer market research desirable.

The Senior Data Analysts will be part of a small team dedicated to primary data research and will leverage expertise and tools across their team to deliver high quality insights and output. This position requires the ability to combine strong analytical skills, a strategic mindset, and a commercial perspective driven by an understanding of both clients’ experiences and broader marketplace forces.

Collaboration and communication are crucial, as the PRICE has a key role to play in sharing information across sectors, service lines, accounts and solutions, and using that information to further strengthen the quality of insights produced.

Essential Functions of the Job:
  • Execute primary research studies related to consumer economy and consumer environment.
  • Select the optimal analytical approach to meet project objective and deliver differentiated insights that go beyond the obvious.
  • Use data to create compelling storylines and communicate them succinctly through data visualizations, PPTs, and dashboards.
  • Rapidly develop an understanding of new project topics and their business/ market context to inform analysis, interpretation and deliver of insights.
  • Collaborate with members of PRICE Research community to execute analysis, leverage subject matter expertise, identify additional data and tools to enhance output, adopt and share best practices, and deliver high quality insights
  • Work in a flexible and agile manner, adjusting the depth or focus of analysis to align with publishing PRICE priorities
  • Work with research partners and collaborators to collect, process, quality control data, and develop a credible brand as subject matter expert on the practices of primary research
  • Innovate on approaches to content development; trial new formats and methodologies; and scale successful proofs of concept.
Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for analyzing and interpreting the results of complex, internally- and externally-executed research projects
  • Select and implement the appropriate analytical approach to achieve the research golas and objectives.
  • Quality control insights and outputs to ensure accuracy, integrity, and application of best practices in data handling and analysis
  • Bring together a variety of perspectives and sources to develop a compelling, business-relevant point of view
Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
  • Expertise in data analysis and interpretation with 5+ years of primary research and analysis activity
  • Survey analysis, interpretation and storytelling
  • Experience in advance survey analysis techniques including segmentation, clustering, regression & driver analysis, significance testing and sample weighting
Experience with advanced survey analytics techniques
  • Experience with appropriate statistical analysis tools used in survey analysis such as SPSS, STATA, R or Q
  • Experience in survey design, execution, quality control and analysis
  • Ability to critically assess survey results, distil key insights, craft a storyline and create compelling supporting material such as PPT decks
  • Intellectual curiosity and a demonstrated ability to rapidly develop an understanding of new content and speak credibly with stakeholders
  • Ability to navigate key stakeholders to understand what they are trying to achieve and the insights they hope to surface
  • Strong communication, presentation, and storytelling skills, including best practices in survey data visualization Primary & secondary data analysis
  • Experience employing other quantitative & qualitative techniques for primary and secondary research. Examples could include analysing numerical data sets, developing or conducting benchmarking exercises, conducting interviews, or analysing news articles to identify insights (e.g. key trends) or create structured data (e.g. a database of articles tagged with a taxonomy).

If you are attracted to joining an organization where every individual's contribution counts and where your talent will impact on Centre’s future, please send a one-page application letter, together with a CV, shall be sent via e-mail pooja.sharma@ice360.in , no later than February 15, 2021.