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Functional and Professional


Technalytics provides the student community of IIMU a common platform to discuss and gain knowledge about the trends in information technology and data analytics. It equips the students with the technological know how of the industry and the implementation of analytical skills.


The team is responsible for sending frequent informative e-mailers to the entire community which are intended to keep the community up-to- date with various technological trends and happenings in the field of Analytics.


The concepts and applications of Analytics are reinforced through this initiative. The important insights of any summit within and outside the campus related to analytics are made available to the community through this initiative. For example, the important insights about analytics that were stressed during the SCM summit were reinforced by providing supporting articles through this initiative.

  • Sports Analytics
  • SPSS,R, Big Data & Data warehousing workshop
  • Setting up Analytics lab with licensed softwares such as Tableau, Qlikview, SAS,SPSS



An online case study challenge that was organised during Solaris 2016 in collaboration with Analytics Vidhya. The case study was based on Data Analysis by identifying patterns within data. It was nationwide competition which had participation of more than 50 students from across the country from various prominent B-schools.

SPSS Workshop

A case based workshop on SPSS statistical tool was organised to help the students get a hands-on of the application of the tool which would be helpful to them during summer internships.

R Workshop

In this workshop, students were able to get hands-on R software where they could learn to create predictive models using data.