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Equity Monks
About Us

Equity Monks is the trading club of IIM Udaipur. Started in 2021, the club aims to promote a culture of trading in the IIMU community. It helps the community learn about managing their personal finance as an additional source of income going ahead in different types of financial markets. The club's primary purpose is to get community interested in the world of trading and learn systematically with experience rather than avoiding the same as a risky affair.

Being a student-run campus organization, the club is run by students of MBA2 and MBA1 together. It has been given the status of a Special Interest Group (SIG). Since the formation of Equity Monks as an SIG, the club has proved its vision by taking multiple initiatives into action.


Our vision is to create leaders in the trading world, both professional and retail traders. The club aims to improve the learning of the entire community and make IIMU the best B-School in terms of trading. The club would enable the students to learn and think like traders during their MBA journey before entering the industry.

About the Logo

The logo represents one Monk in the centre, which depicts the calmness and patience of the trader – Equity Monk. The candlesticks in a light-yellow colour in the background represent the trading desk present in the back of the trader's mind, even during non-trading hours. Two squares enclose the Monk, one is white, and the other is solid yellow. This represents two different perspectives of the trader's thinking during trading in the market.

Our Initiatives:
T-Word series:

This initiative aims to make students of the community aware of the concepts and terms of the stock market in a simplistic manner. Equity Monks believes in making trading a systematically learned approach rather than a bag full of jargon.

The club shares a T-word every day in the form of QnA on its Instagram handle to expand the community's horizons about the stock market.

You can visit our page here.

Learning Modules:

As a mission of teaching and encouraging trading starting from basics, the club provides modules to the student community fortnightly. The content of modules is written by members of the club and contains different concepts of the market with real-life examples. The modules assist the students in gaining knowledge about various chart patterns and indicators.

Market Buzz:

By this series, the club emphasizes in-depth analysis of trading-related news or any corporate news on an everyday basis. This helps the club members- Monks and the community stay updated with the market and industry movements. The 'News Post Series' aims for community awareness with short and to the point content.


U-Trade is weekly Instagram series where technical concepts and jargons in the form of Instagram post are shared. This series aims to help the community to understand the markets well and help them talk like a trader.

Chart Pattern Series:

Another weekly Instagram series to help the community understand how to spot and draw different chart patterns on different time frames.


A series which aims to create engagement with the community by sharing memes and funny content about the markets.

WhatsApp Groups:

The club has a couple of WhatsApp groups for sharing trade setups to help the community understand how to spot trades and a discussion group for the community to provide a platform to discuss the happenings across the markets on daily basis.


The club shares various threads on Twitter about stocks to watch out, things to watch out for the upcoming week, recent happenings in the market and also to connect with other trade enthusiasts.



TradeTalks is a series of events of Equity Monks that runs throughout the academic calendar. It is the event where the members of Equity Monks share their technical knowledge, insightful experience, and some of the challenges they faced in their trading journey. The event operates in an open forum where the IIMU student community gathers for the knowledge transfer session. The TradeTalks take place twice a month to teach basic to advanced-level trading. The topics covered in the events include the importance of trading, introduction to trading platforms, types of investments, IPOs and their myths, trendlines, support and resistance, indicators, and chart patterns. The club is now planning to move on to intraday and positional futures, options trading, and basic options strategies.

Trader Series:

Trader Series, the most recent initiative by Equity Monks, invites guest speakers from the trading world and provides a platform for knowledge sharing to the community. The trader series aims to cater to students' interests by providing them with an opportunity to know about the traders' perspectives, their style of trading, and ongoing market trends. With a focus to integrate the knowledge gained in the class, the trader series aims to align the same with the business and market world.

Speaker Series:

The Speaker Series, It's Simple Stupid provides a platform for the student community to interact with industry experts. These industry veterans, with their wide experience, give a glimpse of the industry trends and their insights. The series also helps the community to interact, share and explore their knowledge pool in trading world and get acquainted with the career options that market can offer like Portfolio manager, Hedge fund manager and Trading desk positions and many more.

Speaker Series is a platform for student community to in trading by engaging in a talk with the trading industry stalwarts. The club proactively engaged into networking.


Fun-filled and insightful competitions are conducted regularly to inculcate the interest and solidify some best traders' knowledge on the campus. These fun competitions have exciting concepts about financial instruments like mutual funds, trading terms, and technical jargon. Prizes in the form of stocks are given to the winners to get them started with their trading journey. The club is looking forward to holding trading-based inter and intra college competitions across the offline and online modes.

Two Year MBA (2021-23)
  • Brijesh D
  • Darshan Panchal
  • Garveeta Yadav
  • Jaydeep Kukadiya
  • Kranthi Kiran
  • Meesha Kothari
  • Namit Shah
  • Saumya Bansal
  • Saumya Singh
  • Shreya Patel
  • Tushar Jain
  • Ujjwal Butalia

Two Year MBA (2021-23) Equity Monks Member

Two Year MBA (2022-24)
  • Amit Pandey
  • Arpita Bajaj
  • Ashutosh Kumar
  • Ashwin Bahadur
  • Ayush Agrawal
  • Debjit Das
  • Himanshu Shekhar
  • Kashyap Makadia
  • Madhur Kumar
  • Manu Rawal
  • Patel Tirth Piyush
  • Prateek Kava

Two Year MBA (2022-24) Equity Monks Member

One Year MBA - GSCM (2022-23)

Amey Tade Equity Monks Member(One Year MBA - GSCM 2022-23)