Gender Sensitivity Committee

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Gender Sensitivity Committee

What is Samman?

Samman - which means respect- is the gender sensitivity committee of IIM Udaipur. More than half of its members are women with representation from the faculty, staff, and students of IIM Udaipur.

What is Sexual Harassment?

According to the Supreme Court of India, sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexually determined behavior, such as:
  • Physical contact
  • A demand or request for sexual favors
  • Sexually colored remarks
  • Showing pornography
  • Any other physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.
Sexual Harassment takes place if a person:
  • Subjects another person to an unwelcome act of physical intimacy, like grabbing, brushing, touching, pinching etc.
  • Makes an unwelcome demand or request (whether directly or by implication) for sexual favors from another person, and further makes it a condition for employment/payment of wages/increment/promotion etc.
  • Makes an unwelcome remark with sexual connotations, like sexually explicit compliments/cracking loud jokes with sexual connotations/ making sexist remarks etc.
  • Shows a person any sexually explicit visual material, in the form of pictures/cartoons/pin-ups/calendars/screensavers on computers/any offensive written material/pornographic emails, etc.
  • Engages in any other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, which could be verbal, or even nonverbal, like staring to make the other person uncomfortable, making offensive gestures, kissing sounds, etc.
As an institute, we have a strict policy with a clause of disciplinary action against sexual harassment (based on the Vishaka guidelines) and it applies to everyone in the institute.
If you face any of the above-mentioned kind of behavior, reach out to
  • Samman on or directly to any of the committee members:
    • Faculty Member: Suma Damodaran (Presiding Officer)
    • External Member: Rajeshwari Narendran
    • Faculty Member: N Vishwanathan
    • Faculty Member: Vedha Ponnappan
    • Non-Teaching Member: Kavita Chotrani
    • Non-Teaching Member: Rudreshwaraiah H M (Member Secretary)
    • Student Member: Rajvi Arun Doshi
    • Student Member: Amrendra Jha